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 The Original Design: Celebrating Differences Collection

Get ready for the Celebrating Differences Collection by Shop Specially Gifted, a stunning array of apparel and accessories that uniquely celebrates diversity. Featuring stick figures with various disabilities holding hands, this collection symbolizes unity and acceptance, much like a team of superheroes redefining 'superpower.'

Let's take a little trip down memory lane.

Once known as RBrand, this collection now resides under the marvelous umbrella of Shop Specially Gifted. With its debut in the nonprofit's inaugural year in 2020, this design has captured hearts and captivated minds across the globe. You may have spotted it in boutiques, therapy clinics, and even gracing the glossy pages of your favorite magazines.

Wearing an item from this collection is more than a fashion choice; it's a statement of solidarity with the Specially Gifted Foundation's mission to honor every child's unique abilities. Each purchase helps provide special gifts and experiences for extraordinary families, making a real impact far beyond fashion.

Ideal for families, kids, or therapists advocating for inclusion, the Celebrating Differences Collection invites you to embrace unity and diversity with style.
Join us in making a statement that differences are not just to be accepted, but celebrated.

Shop now and be a part of this incredible movement with Shop Specially Gifted.


Celebrating Differences Collection

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