About Us

Co-owners Bree and Macey with first SGF Gifted kid, Jonas.


Even as we live in a society that generally embraces the differences that exist among us, those with disabilities are still often marginalized and misunderstood. Shop Specially Gifted was created by founders Bree Kernion Lanham and Macey PriceBelter in response to this unfortunate fact. All Shop Specially Gifted apparel and products are geared towards increasing awareness and acceptance of those with disabilities. It is our mission to promote an attitude of inclusivity where differences in ability are celebrated rather than stigmatized. 
At Shop Specially Gifted, we not only advocate for this community, but we serve them as well. This store is an extension of the nonprofit organization that Bree and Macey founded that benefits families who have children with disabilities, Specially Gifted Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from this store goes directly to this organization. When you Shop Specially Gifted, you not only partner with us in promoting our important message, but you also positively impact the lives of the deserving families that SGF serves.
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